Struggling to make changes? It's not just you.


Trying new things.

Making changes.

Taking a leap of faith.

It is all hard.

And scary.

And sometimes overwhelming. 

Until you do it. And keep at it. And then one day....

it's not so hard anymore. 

I recently had the privilege of teaching a small group of wonderful women about mindfulness.

When I started learning about mindfulness it did not come easily or naturally to me. Practicing mindfulness for myself was challenging enough, let alone the thought of teaching it to anyone else.

Ten months later and that has changed. I have my own mindfulness practice, I've been facilitating mindfulness workshops and courses, and I'm planning a local mindfulness retreat this summer. If you would have told me last March I'd be doing these things I wouldn't have believed you.

Everything is hard before it is easy. 

Absolutely. I'm sharing this example with you because if you are finding yourself in a place right now where there is something holding you back know that you are not alone.

 Trying something new is hard. Making change is hard. 

 You can do it.