"I started working with Jess to better understand what I want next in life and to confirm a plan to move towards achieving these things. I now have a clearer definition of not only what I want, but the traits I possess that will allow me to get there. Jess helped me better understand myself and my goals. She taught me perspectives to strengthen my ambition and achievement potential - which are things that will continue to impact me throughout my life."

Danielle; Digital Marketing Manager, Chicago, IL

"Jess's coaching skills are top-notch and her ability to inspire while leading is what makes Jess stand out as a coach. Her technique to help people succeed encompasses genuine compassion, experience and consistency."

Will; Social Media Strategist, Chicago, IL

"I worked with Jess because I wanted to gain a clearer vision on my life’s direction. From her coaching, I gained clarity around my thinking and ideas of how I would like to fulfill my purpose."

Anonymous; Indiana

"I’ve worked with other coaches in the past but Jess stands out for me personally because of her ability to see the big picture, incredible insight, and a genuine drive for you to be a better person. She infused me with the confidence and requisite skills I needed to accomplish my goals."

Brandon; STEM Facilitator, Minneapolis, MN

"I needed encouragement and support and Jess helped me by believing in me. She motivated me by encouraging me to set high expectations for myself. She was positive and also helped me to establish areas of growth. I would highly recommend Jess as a coach."

Angela; Educator, St. Paul, MN